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Welcome to our free private album hosting. We hope you can make the best of this free service brought to you by This site is still under heavy development so you should see some features coming soon. If you have any problems you can get support through

How to get started

First you need to register.
You will receive an email or two with links to activate your account.
Once activated you can enter a password and you will also have your own album (same as username). Dont worry you can rename it and you can have many sub-albums. From here onwards just upload pictures and share. Also keep a look out for new features we'll be adding soon
If you cannot find an Album by your name just create one by choosing any Category from the home page e.g. Blomma. In the following page you can create an album for yourself.

If you have problems registering and using the site you can email support @ 3ezy . net

Terms of Use: Please note as this is very important and so we write in very simple words.

By using this site you agree to the following

  • This hosting service is provided as is without any warranties barring one "You will not have to pay to use your album"
  • Adult Content is allowed. CP is STRICTLY NOT allowed. We will aggressively seek out those who even post suggestive CP. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.The decision to delete or ban users still rests with
  • To give the best experience we have auto deletion policy. If you album has less than 20 visits in any month we will mark it for deletion in the next month. Its very easy to get this problem fixed once and for all. Simply tag and describe your images properly and people will find it through search. This way your album is still considered active when someone visits it. But dont spam irrelevant information to get visits as that can still cause deletion without warning.
  • Copyright content when uploaded is assumed copyright of the registered member and can only be done within their own albums. Any dispute regarding copyrights is not under and we will not entertain any such claims directly. You must seek the right authority in your country for e.g. DMCA and they will advise websites like us accordingly.
  • Lastly reserves the right to change its terms and conditions, however email notice will be sent out to all members
  • U.N Sanctioned countries are banned from accessing our servers. Other banned countries include China and Afghanistan as well

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